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Room Services

To ensure that guests feel totally at home during their stay at thewakanda A Pramana Experience, an Resort dining service is available around the clock A comprehensive menu of delicious food items has been created to please all appetites. From light bites to more substantial dishes for breakfast, lunch or dinner, satisfaction is just is just one phone call away. Every order will be prepared and delivered by our food and beverage team at any given time of the day or night.

Our guests are always at our home at thewakanda resort Ubud , and their In Room Dining experience is no exception. Room Service is one of the best things about staying at a hotel. Luxury is the two of you being able to have a lie-in on Sunday morning, hear a knock on the door and know that it is your breakfast being served – or being able to lift the receiver at any time of day to order some snacks, something to drink or a meal. we deliver your food within 30 minutes.

Laundry Service

Our staff will be on hand to arrange your daily laundry, our staff could send the dirty cloth to the local laundry company with whom we cooperate the (Laundry Price List is available in the room). Please ensure that you relay any special instructions for the care of your garments directly to the staff to prevent any harm to your clothing, particularly if you have any garments made of silk or delicate fabric. To avoid misunderstandings, please make sure you give your dry cleaning to the staff separately from your regular laundry, and ensure that the staffs understands that these items are to be dry cleaned only.

You will be asked to sign a dry cleaning or laundry bill each time your clothes are sent out for professional care. All charges for laundry & dry cleaning will be presented to you. Typically this service requires one full day services. Laundry and dry cleaning is available in 24 hours.